Monday, 5 December 2011

We three trees!

Every year I place my christmas lights carefully into boxes, and when I get them out again, they are completely tangled up!! How does that happen??

I seized my moment yesterday, and when hubby was full of Tiramisu, I persuaded him that we need 3 Christmas trees :-) To be fair, he doesn't take much persuading.
And here they are - completely impossible to photograph - they are much prettier IRL :-)

Tree No. 1, for the living room, is a stunning 7 1/2ft Nordman Fir. The branches have drooped already, so I can't really hang anything on the lower ones,  but we love it just the same. :-)

Tree No 2, for the kitchen is a 6ft artificial one. It's the first time I've used all red on a tree, even the lights are little red berries, and it looks stunning. (It's not as garish as the photo suggests)

Tree No 3, for the dining room, is a 6ft real tree. Not sure what type, but it's one of those we used to have when I was a kid - really spiky and you only have to look at it funny, for 1000 needles to drop on the floor!

I've shown you mine... now let's see yours :-)


Stressed Stamper said...

NOw you are just showing off with 3...I only have one in the hall - off to chop it down at the weekend - will show when up - all the other decci's are up just waiting...kights outside look nice...come on snow!!!!!!
Sarah x

Anne said...

They're gorgeous Caroline. Love your cream colours on the first one.
Your mad though, it takes me all my time to put up one never mind three lol
Anne x

Donna said...

Oh my word Caroline, all three of your trees are stunning and put my little 5' tiddler to shame lol! Yours must have taken ages to decorate but they look amazing :) Donna ♥ x

Aileen said...

Wow three trees! How wonderful! I love the way you've dressed them. We have the one - artificial - in the living room and I love it. x

Lee said...

They are all Beautiful,thanks for sharing them with us.We don't bother LOL as there is only the 2 of us and the mog.Hugs xx

Penni said...

Oooh Caroline these are all gorgeous. We only have one artificial tree in our house, and that won't go up until the weekend before Christmas, so maybe 17 / 18 December. Then we all go on kitty watch, the last thing we want is a 12 pound Maine Coon kitten on the top of the tree LOL!!!


Marlou McAlees said...

hi Caroline, gosh i haven't popped over in ages and im adoring "all" your stunning Christmas trees ! beautiful, I have mine up but need a good piccie before i post it :) x

Vicky said...

They are gorgeous Caroline....I have two trees...I will have to take a piccie of them now :o)

big hugs Vicky xx

Anonymous said...

Beautiful Caroline! xx

Jennifer said... your home is like a forest lol! They're all stunning xx Jenny xx

Wendy said...

WOW Caroline...3 gorgeous Christmas trees...makes me want to put mine up now.
Wendy xx

Lisa T said...

So pretty! Sad to say we do not even have our tree yet. (We go and cut one down each year at a tree farm.)