Saturday 8 August 2020



Who could resist those summer colours at this week's Inspired by Challenge. The deep red, hot pink and warm yellow just jumped out at me. Very appropriate as well, as we are in the middle of a heatwave here.

My craft room is sweltering ( the window won't open cos the handle is broken!) so I've been keeping cool, sitting in front of the fan, and stitching.

I followed a stitch pattern from the awesome Mary Legalett at whimsicalstitch  

I could definitely get into needlework - all those gorgeous thread colours and beautiful stitches. If only there were more hours in the day!

Inspired By Challenge

  • Mama Elephant - Pegworks Die
  • Sentiment - MFT fish tail flags and sweet somebunny
For some reason, this was one of those cards that was really tricky to photo. (I don't have a fancy camera, just a banged up, slightly cracked and dented iphone 7) I must have taken 30 photos before I  came up with something passable by changing the background. It really helped to show the colours up better and I just wanted to share in case anyone was having a similar problem.

These photos were taken in the exact same spot, no different settings, no editing. You can see how the colours are much better, and more true to real life with a dark background.
I'm going to stick with that for a while and see how it goes.


Lisa Elton said...

Wow Caroline, look at the beautiful results you have from all of the stitching! This is fabulous. Thanks for joining us at IB!

I Card Everyone said...

on FIRE!! Wow, Caroline, you're stitching looks just like flames to me! Perfect for your weather, AND IB136!

Lee said...

Hi,thanks for your lovely comment on my blog.I absolutely Love this card sooo pretty.Very well done and you are so clever.Hope you are getting that handle fixed lol.Take care lovely to hear from you.xx