Wednesday 17 February 2021


At the beginning of January my daughter and sil got the builders in.
They've knocked some walls down and created a fabulous new kitchen/dining space.
It hasn't been easy for them, trying to work from home with 
no heating downstairs (through all that snowy weather)
no cooker or kitchen tap.
the roof leaked (twice) - 
basically everything that could go wrong, did go wrong...
but hooray!
It's almost done.

Here's the card I made for them.

I love this cute little stamp and die set,
and i'm starting to think it will be more versatile than I first thought.
Win. Win.

The cupboards and counters were easily made with pieces of card,
and I found the chevron design online,  to match the tiles they have.

I can't wait til the family can actually get together - 
we are going to have one amazing party in the new space.


lawn fawn - sprinkled with joy + add on die set


I Card Everyone said...

Oh what a happy occasion this must be for them! Gosh, I can't think of anything better than a wonderful [new] kitchen, Caroline! Such a darling card!

Carol Cel said...

That is an adorable card! and perfect for the occasion. Hope you get together soon.

Valentyna Komisarenko said...

Such a fantastic card! Great occasion too :) Thank you for joining us at ATSM!

LesleyG said...

Just love this fun card! Hope you get the party soon xxx