Sunday, 8 February 2009

Gingham Bags

Here's what I have been up to this weekend.

I have made four of these pretty, gingham shoulder bags.
I am really pleased with them.
It's been ages since I did any sewing and I just had one, ready-made bag to try and copy.

So, what are these bags for?
Well, after surgery for breast cancer,
some people will have a plastic tube sewn into place,
which drains any fluid which might accumulate, into a small drainage bag.
As you can imagine this can be quite uncomfortable and awkward.
Putting the drainage bag into one of these little cloth bags,
that go over your head,
just helps to support it and allows you move around a bit easier.
Lets face it.. it also looks a lot nicer.

So these bags are going to the local hospital.

Please support Breast Cancer Breakthrough

and Click to Give FREE Mammograms


Kim Dellow said...

Fabulous bags. Kim

queenie said...

Love the fabric for the bags and such a thoughtful thing to do.
tracy xxx