Friday, 17 April 2009

Lowlifes and thieves

I am so angry... and tired!
Last night some lowlife stole my daughter's purse from her handbag.
It contained all the usual stuff...
her cash, bank cards, car keys, driving licence, Uni keys and home keys.
She was so upset..
a guy had pushed into her in a nightclub and had taken the purse out
of her bag, which was over her shoulder,
before she knew what was happening.
It was only as he walked away that she realised something was wrong.
She shouted after him and got help,
but by then he was long gone.
So, no crafting for me today...
I will be busy trying to get the locks on the front door changed
and praying that her car is still there.
Can you change the locks on a car???


sassy said...

the swine...(would love to call them something alot stronger believe me).im very saddened and angry for you both wish i could pass on a huge hug to your daughter and yourself...its not much of a consolation ..i wish there was more icould do...thinking of you sassyx

karen said...

what a gutless pig, some people have no thought for others and my thoughts are with you and your daughter. it just makes you want to swear, it happened to my daughter and it is the sorting out after that takes the time. i hope she is ok and not too shaken up. take care both of you x karen x