Thursday, 11 June 2009

Coffee Heaven

Are you a coffee lover?
As far as I am concerned coffee is a food group!
I love anything coffee flavoured - chocolate, ice-cream, cake..
So I thought I would share with you this little gift set that I put
together for my niece.
It contains mocha lattes, skinny cappuccinos,
hazelnut cream biscuits,
a bar of Baileys Truffle chocolate,
and some chocolate spoons.
It's the first time I've made these chocolate spoons, and they are so easy.
As you can imagine, testing the three different types of chocolate,
as I was making them, was a difficult job,
but it was absolutely necessary for quality control!!



sassy said...

talk about wake up and smell the coffee lol!!!! what a super pressie....if you have any spoons left over ...come on share...yummy treats and actually youve given me a brill idea for a chrissie..mas pressie for my sis shes a coffee lover mental note to self **copy Chrisse** must go write it in my chrissie..mas about the play on words lol...hugs sassyxxxxxx

Julie said...

What a lovely gift, I take it the choccie spoons are just made by dipping in melted choc?

Allissa Designs said...

Oh hun...this is a FABULOUS idea!! would you mind if I copy the spoons too?? my husband would love this and i would like to do if for Fathers day just a lil something from me.
It is stunning and so beautifully wrapped. Im with you too now Sassy on ' copy Chrissie ' lol

well done sweetpea.

ps, thanks for your lovely comment on my card

sassy said...

hahahaha!!! sorry but seeing i made a boo boo with your name before CAROLINE lol!!!! just thought id give it another try..testing you really.... lots love sassyxxx

Allissa Designs said...

lol... I copied Sassy and called you Chrissie too! lmao! after I left comment I then went back to main page to see your name was Caroline derrr me! I went to leave another message and my pc shut off. I then started a card & forgot all about it when I logd on again. SO SORRY HUN. I have to smile...hope you did to CAROLINE.

big hugs and thans for your comment to hun.

sassy said...

morning caroline.....just testing seems ive put me size 8s in on the chrissie bit was only a!!! i will go smack myself for my ickle joke...and i actually dreamt about the spoons last you... my dear caroline have been in my head ..i hope i didnt upset you....told you those xray machines are dangerous...have a good day sweetie....hugs sassyxxx