Monday, 8 June 2009

Thankyous and Awards

Just when I was having a rubbish day,
something came along to make me smile.
The lovely Cherry, has given me an attitude with gratitude' award.
Big hugs and thanks to you Cherry -
you made my day.
Please take 5 minutes to visit Cherry's fab, friendly blog.
(My pooch was just begging to get her photo on the blog..
but the actual award pic is the lemonade stand further down this post)

Now I must pass this award on to 5 - 10 other blogs,
that I feel show great attitude and gratitude.
I love visiting all my blog friends, so it was hard to pick just 5,
but here they are...

1. Lorraine
2. Sassy
3. Stampin' Julie
4. Crafty Emma
5. Debby 4000

Great big hugs to all my followers and visitors too,
and thankyou for taking the time to leave
such wonderful comments.


Unknown said...

aw thanks hunnie...i was gonna put the doggies so cute face..wasnt sure if i had to or get the appropriate logo...dooh!!!!.....i love that pooch lvs sassyxxxx

Unknown said...

doooooooooooh!! what a plonker will go and change your name im so sorry i get so mudled...i must gave hit my head when i fell......hugs sassyxxxxx

Lorraine A said...

i agree with sassy that cute photo would make a fabby award eh !! cutest blog award !! you could market that one Caroline !! :-)
Thanks for the award hun :-) It is just so nice of you to think of me :-)

Lorraine x x

Emma said...

Hiya Caroline,
Aw sorry to hear you were having a bad day...pleased things got better.
Gorgeous and super cute award, thank you sooo much for thinking of me. I just love westies, nagged the OH but the answer is still NO!! :-(
Hugs Emma x