Friday, 8 January 2010

Snow Days

Remember 3 weeks ago,
when we looked out of our windows and said

"Awww, snow - doesn't it look pretty"

we are all so over that now, right???
It's not funny anymore!

Even the dog is refusing to go out in it*

Well, you crafty bloggers are putting me to shame.

I still have yet to make a card this year!

My craft room is the tidiest it has EVER been!

Hoping to get back to it this weekend though.



Dazie said...

Love your picture! I have put a piccy of my westie up on my blog she did enjoy the snow but now she has to be encouraged to go out lol Cant say I blame here its freezing!!!

Hope you manage to make a card soon!


Penni said...

What a gorgeous photo, but you're right about the snow. When William, my 7 year old, said he was fed up with it then I really knew we'd had enough - the kids usually love the snow and want to play in it all day!!!!

Keep your little Westie warm and don't lose him in all that snow!!!


debbies said...

I love everything you've posted lately, but this picture of your cutie in the snow is priceless!!!