Saturday, 21 August 2010

Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy!!

Except they weren't...  lol**
Do you remember those lemon puff biscuits,
that would stick your teeth together just looking at them?
I found a recipe for a similar thing and thought it would be a breeze.
Shop bought Puff Pastry, just filled with a lemon buttercream,
what could be simpler!

Here's my little puffs...    :-)
They came out of the oven a bit wonky and lopsided,
which made them difficult to fill and stick together.
The taste was great though.
Definitely try them again, but maybe make them a much bigger, dessert size.

Hmmm... so what do you do with left over puff pastry?
I put rounds into a cupcake tin, and filled them with grated cheddar and
caramalised onion chutney.

These were DE-licious.
We had a couple each for lunch with a little salad
and then, piggys that we are,
went back and finished the rest off!!

Puff Pastry is my new favourite thing...


joey said...

ooooh Caroline I am an absolute sucker for pastry of any kind, I hear the word pastry and I fancy some usually in any form, have just got back from marks and sparks with puff pastry things :O))))))))) rofl no wonder I cant lose weight

Sue said...

Oi Woman
what are you doing showing us all these scrummies yet the postie hasn't bought me any?????

Lindsey said...

Your blog had ruined my diet! When i weigh in and get asked the patronising "so what went wrong?" question i'm going to give the group leader your blog address!With any luck the whole group will have gained the following week *evil laugh*!
Linds x

Faye said...

Oh, you are bad, very, very bad! ;)

Julie said...

Wow looks scrummy especially the cheese and onion tarts - might just have to try that.