Tuesday, 24 August 2010

The sun does shine in Yorkshire - sometimes!!

Ahhh... here we are back to torrential rain this morning!
But, just to prove that the sun does shine sometimes in Yorkshire,
here are my pics from Sunday's walk.

Flamborough Head is roughly 8 miles of cliff top walks
between Filey and Bridlington.

 The chalk cliffs are 400ft high and the path can get VERY close to the edge.. lol*

The main lighthouse built in 1806

The Chalk Tower, built c1674
and thought to be the oldest, surviving complete lighthouse in England.


Ruthie said...

Hey - we all love the beauty and GREEN of Yorkshire - without the rain there would be no green. YAY - we love the rain!


Sue said...

Hi Hun
stunning piccies what a spectacular view, sue,x

debbies said...

I love your beautiful pictures!

Carole said...

Spectacular photographs - looks wonderful!