Monday, 6 September 2010

It's The Bombe!!

The Ice-cream Bombe!!

Do you love ice-cream?  Then this is the dessert for you. It's so easy to make - just basic assembly, and you can use whatever ice-creams and sweeties you like. I made this for a family meal and it was a big hit. Next time I will use ice-creams that are more of a contrast and try and be a bit neater!

1 litre ice-cream.
750ml ice-cream
500ml ice-cream
chocolates or sweeties
1 loaf madeira or chocolate cake.
white chocolate for decorating.

I used 1 lite of Triple Chocolate, 750ml of Latte Macciato and 500ml Vanilla. Freeze a 20cm, freezer proof bowl. Soften the chocolate ice-cream in the fridge, enough so that it will spread easily. Then, using a spatula spread it around the inside of the bowl. Refreeze for about 30 mins, until the ice-cream is hard again.
Soften the Latte ice-cream in the fridge, then spread this in the same way, making a layer inside the chocolate one. Refreeze.
Soften the Vanilla ice-cream and then stir in your chocolates or sweeties. I used After Eights, broken up, but you could use chocolate truffles, fudge,  or maybe try it with smarties, or broken up crunchies!!
Fill the space you have left with the vanilla ice-cream.
Thinly slice the cake (I used chocolate swiss roll ) and cover the ice-cream completely. This will make a base for your ice-cream and stop it sliding around on the plate when you turn it out. Cover with clingfilm and refreeze.
To serve, melt the white chocolate.  Warm the bowl of ice-cream slightly, by dipping it in boiling water, and turn it out onto a plate. Drizzle with the chocolate and leave to soften slightly before cutting it.
I returned mine to the freezer until we were ready for it, and found that it cut fairly easily while still frozen. I think I used quite soft ice-cream though.


Leanne said...

OMG I am sooooo gonna have to try this - it looks absolutely gorgeous!! Mmmmmm, feel the need to go out and buy the ice cream now!!

Thanks for sharing!


Cherry said...

On my to do list - thanks Caroline. I think this one looks fab. Hugs Cherry XXX

Paula said...

want to eat that for my breakfast now!!! in fact I KNOW I shall be dreaming of it all day at work!

looks amazing!
P x

Kaz said...

Ooooooohhh yummy!!! Can I come to your house for dinner?
Kaz xx