Sunday, 10 October 2010

In search of the perfect truffle !!

At this time of year, when all the shops are getting the Christmas goodies in, we eagerly await the arrival of the Rum Truffles. They always seem to be the last thing to turn up.
The ones we love come from Sainsburys, in a little plastic tray with red packaging.
This year I have been tasked with making some of our own - so, after scouring the net, I came up with the recipe below. Not quite as good as the bought ones, but 90% there.   :-)

As with most of my goodies these are so EASY to make. There's no cooking, or boiling, so you could get the kids involved and make some for Christmas.The only thing I would do differently is add a little less jam - they could have been a bit firmer in the middle.
Lurking at the back of the cupboard were some shiny, paper cases... just  the perfect size.
I think this recipe made about 40 truffles, but it's hard to remember how many we've already eaten!! :-)


Sally said...

Oh wow these look amazing. Feel like i could just pick one of the page and eat it......wishful thinking. I think I may have to give these a try.....just not enough hours in a day!!!
Hugs Sally xxx

Juls said...

I just LOVE rum truffles, and these look absolutley amazing! Hugs Juls

Lindsey said...

Oh dear. Every time I come over here I put on at least a stone! They look yummy, I would never have thought of using cake crumbs, must give it a try!

Craftyanny said...

Have you left us some in the norty corner lol
Anne x

Sue said...

oh hun
i do look forward to sundays ya bakin day! lol, they look scrummylicoius, hope you put some in the naughty corner? cause im on me way! lol, sue,mx

Julie said...

They do look scrummy. I think I saw a recipe where you used oreo cookies, don't think they were rum flavour but I'm sure you could easily adapt. Can pass it on if you would like.