Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Sweet and Simple Madeleines

I have 2 things to share with your today - this delicious Madeleine recipe and my good news.
First, my news - I am about to join the workforce! EEK!!!
After 20 odd years as a SAHM I have just got myself a part-time job.
I start on Friday!! It's all very exciting, but scary at the same time...
so wish me luck :-)

Now, for that Madeleine recipe.
You will need a Madeleine tin for this - I got mine at Lakeland.
You can't really see in my picture above, but these little beauties have that pretty, little shell design on one side.
These were just delicious and now that I have the plain ones sorted, I will be trying some more flavours - so watch this space! :-)


Anonymous said...

These look delicious. I keep saving your recipes but haven't made anything yet, lol!!

Good luck in your new job Caroline. I wish I could give mine up, lol!

Sue said...

Hi hun
thry look scrummy, im sure you will be fine hun, hope your first day goes well, sue,x

Aileen said...

They look very yummy! Congratulations on your new job. Hope all goes well. x

febe said...

Delicioso! Do your best on your new job. Congratulations!

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Lee said...

These look soooo good clever you.

Good luck with your new job,hope your first day went well.Huggles xx

Olga Wright said...

HI caroline, those looks yummy... i feel hungry already.. =) thanks for sharing the recipe.
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