Monday, 17 September 2012

1 of 365

Welcome to my new home....

just a word of advice to anyone considering moving...    DON'T !!!!
I have told Mr Kiss today, that I am not unpacking any more boxes because I am not staying here!!!  
I don't WANT to be 90 miles from my dd's -  my family -  my friends -  my favourite chocolate shop.
There have been tears!!  

Distraction is needed and, as it's going to be a while before my stash is unpacked I thought I would try a 365 Project.
Deets, if you're interested, are in my '365 Snaps' page (above).


catherine said...

OH Caroline I know you will settle in nicely and just think of all the stress you were having. I have it all to come but only go 10 mins down the road. Glad you are finally sorted now and you will have a new craft room. i really like the sound of 365. I'm of to Art From the Heart tommorrow for a workshop so maybe I could start mine then!!
x catherine

Lee said...

Awww hun,your new home does look lovely,thinking of you and hope you will soon settle in and make friends,one day at a time.

IF you do stay lol (sorry not meaning to make joke) pleeeese let me know your new addy so I can send you a cheery card.Big Big Huggles to

Donna said...

Hi Caroline, I'm so pleased that you've finally managed to move but not so pleased it has taken you so far away from the girls...I'm assuming it's only a temporary move until you find something nearer to family and friends? I would love to send you a card to cheer you up if you can ping me your address on an email...big hugs hun :) Donna ♥ x

Faye said...

Oh Hun. It gets easier, it really does. X