Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Just hanging around!

Drama!!   Kids love to scare you, don't they?
This is a picture I was sent the other day!!

Annabel's b/f Andy, was getting a lift home from work, when the car he was in crashed into a tree and ended up on it's roof.
Completely disorientated and with people shouting at him to get out before it set on fire, Andy undid his seat belt and crashed onto his head. No damage there then!!!
My other dd Maria works at the hospital and she made sure he was checked out - luckily he got away with bad whip lash.

Oh and then Maria calls me this morning and says she can't get into work. Police are on the hospital doors because someone with hunting knives is running around inside, threatening to stab people!!
"Just another day at the office" says Maria.


Juls said...

Oh My ... what a scare!! glad everyone is ok! Hugs Juls

Donna said...

Crikey Caroline, Andy had a very lucky escape...hope all OK and the madman has since been caught :) Donna ♥ x

Stressed Stamper said...

Ha....oh kids dont you just love them. Bex been on skype crying - god she has only just gone back -so next fri good old mum off to take her out and spend on her for the day - funny she got happy all of a sudden...Glad everyone in car ok...good pic though

Pop's Cards said...

Oh sweetie, that's just awful (HUGS)))) x

Anonymous said...

OMW! Andy is so lucky to escape that!! Hope the police caught the hospital intruder - scary!!

Anonymous said...

OMG!! you have had a scare! poor lad!! glad to hear he was oK! well as ok as he can be! x

Goodness! and Maria glad she was on the outside rather than inside that morning! x