Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Snow Day

Hello everyone... are you having fun in the snow?
Up here in Co Durham we've had more than our fair share.
Here's a few pictures for you - I'll be back with a card later :-)

 No sign of a gritter down our cul-de-sac.

Hubby and the neighbours had to dig out an ambulance!!

The view down the road

Look at all those mounds of snow from clearing drives and digging cars out. 
Hubby left me his heep and took my 4 x 4 this morning!

The back garden.
I was going to get a view looking back to the house - until I realised the snow came over the top of my wellies :-)

The weather forecast is warning of more snow today :-)
Shame - I will have to stay indoors and craft!


Karen said...

LOL honey...you've two reasons... no 4 x 4 to travel more safely in... and more snow! :0)

My excuse? The kids are finally back at school and our snow is now more like half melfted icy lumps... no fun to walk on at all.. Ho hum!

Have a good day sweetie.xx


Stressed Stamper said...

Oh fab - lots of snow - wow great piles of the stuff - more than us....sooooooooooooooo want a snow day off work!
Sarah x

Penni said...

Wow - that sure is a lot of snow! Keep safe.

catherine said...

Love these pics Caroline. looks just like us in harrogate. The kids could go back to school today and it has stopped for the moment
x catherine

Pop's Cards said...

Wow and I thought we had it bad, looks so pretty though x x x

Lee said...

OMG,stay warm keep safe,what does Suzi think of it,does she have pink wellies.Great pics though,it is fine in St.Agnes no snow just wet but not too cold.Hugs xx

Anonymous said...

Crumbs that is some dumping of snow we are just getting ours now! about 2 inches only so far so hope we don#t get as must as you have had!! and
just wanted to say how fabulous your hubby helping dig out an ambulance!

hugs me x