Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Happy New Year

Happy New Year everyone and all the best for 2014
Hope you all had a lovely time,
with not too many sore heads this morning!!!

Here's another snapshot of my Pinterest Christmas makes.

These Minky blankets were my favourite make.
The material wasn't cheap, but it was definitely worth using minky fabric on both sides -
it's so ridiculously soft and snuggly.

I found the fabric easier to sew than I expected, 
but then I took the advice of 'real' sewers 
(that doesn't look right, does it?)
people who sew... lol*
and used about a thousand pins to hold it all in place.

I also got out my sewing machine manual and managed to
make a little personal tag for each blanket.

Hessian Placemats

Mine are a bit rough around the edges,
but were cheap and easy to make  :-)

I used my Memory Box letter dies to create a template for the sayings,
then a black Sharpie to fill it in.

Hand Warmers 

Again - these were very easy to make.
Simply cut out some squares of pretty fabric
and stitch around the edge.
Leave a small opening so you can fill the pouch with rice,
and then stitch closed.
Use pinking chears on the edges, to prevent fraying.

 As usual, these handwarmers got the 'tied up with string' treatment.
If you don't use them as handwarmers, they make  pretty Christmas decorations.



Pop's Cards said...

Hi sweetie these are fabulous makes, I cannot even sew in a straight line lol, hugs Pops x

Stressed Stamper said...

Coooeeee you - fab posting - made me laugh..whats a pinking chear??? do you mean shears!???? he those hand warmers...and love the place the sayings....can't keep up with all your fabby things want to make them all!blanket fab - copped out though - bought a M&S one for Bex for Uni - shame on me not making one!....
Hugs Sarah x