Sunday, 30 August 2009

The Gargoyle

What could be better on a bank holiday weekend,
than to have nothing to do
but listen to the rain drumming on the roof
and curl up in a comfy chair
with a really good book?

I just want to say a quick thanks to Cherry,
for recommending
The Gargoyle by Andrew Davidson.
I finally got round to buying a copy!

It's not the type of book I generally go for,
but just four chapters in and
I am completely loving it.



Polly Pierce said...

Hi Caroline...
what could be better.??? what about shopping with a friend, then a meal out with hubby and now, lounging in dressing gown, catching up with blogs!!

not heard of that book - but please let me know about it when you have finished!!

Have made a card today with the ladies divine image, just struggling now to think of a sentiment to go with them! will get your little parcel sent to you tomorrow oops I mean tuesday xx

Cherry said...

Glad you're enjoying it Caroline - I was hooked. I've not been putting my reads on my blog of late I think I might start again. Cherry XXX