Monday, 1 March 2010

Flower Help Please!

Can someone please help??
I couldn't resist buying these gorgeous blooms from
Wild Orchid Crafts
but I have no idea how to attach them to my cards.
Is there a special type of glue I should use?
Do I snip off the stems, or feed them through to the back of the card.

I would really appreciate any help.


Tracy said...

Hi Caroline,
When I use this type of flower I use silicone glue to attach them, and sometimes I snip of the stem or I twirl it around my pokey tool and use it as a spiral sticking out of my flower arrangement.
Hope this helps.
Happy crafting
Tracy x

Penni said...

Hi Caroline

Ooooh look at all those beautiful flowers - yummy!!!

You can either snip of the stem and attach them with some silicone glue, if you want to you can thread the stem through a flat flower first, which can look nice. Another way is to bend the stem to one side tightly wrap it around a pokey tool, slide it off and then pull it out slightly - this should then make the stems look like tendrils (I'm not very good at explaining things sorry!!!). I always use silicone glue when attaching them to my cards as this allows for some movement to get them just right.

Hope this helps - of course if you're struggling to use them I can always take them off your hands LOL!!!!

Have fun


Francesca said...

Hi I use silicone glue to attach mine and I haven't had any problems


Lisa aka Allissa said...

Hi Hunny, I use a blob of silicone. I use pinflair glue gel as its pretty much odourless. There are cheaper versions but they really do smell.

If the flowers have stems then either snip them off or twist around something like a fine paint brush to give a curling effect. then just bend to the side and add your silicone. It does take a few hrs to dry but they will not fall off so you can still photo if you have to.
I hope this helps hunny.


Kendra said...

I use a glue called The Ultimate. You should be able to find it at specialty craft stores, or online.

Vicky (Angeldrummer) said...

if you are twisting the stem or making a bouquet silicone glue, if not I make a small hole and thread through like a brad then flatten with some sellotape hth, love your card above btw x