Saturday, 30 October 2010

Witchie Witchie, Screamie Screamie, Happy Happy Halloweenie !

Have you carved your pumpkins and got your witches outfit ready?? Hope everyone that's trick-or-treating,
or partying this weekend has a great time.
I don't really celebrate Halloween, but I can still use it as an excuse to make some treats!!   :-)

This is my second ever attempt at Toffee Apples. The first time was a disaster. My daughter and I made some last year and, when we went to check them, all the toffee had slid off the apples !!!
This time I remembered to clean them in hot water first, to remove the wax.

Chocolate Fudge Spider Web Muffins.
I've never done this spider web pattern before and I think the icing nozzle I used was too large, but it was fun making them and I'm sure they'll taste delicious.
You can find the recipe  here

Easy Toffee Recipe
400g golden caster sugar        1tsp vinegar        4tbsps golden syrup.
Put the sugar into a pan with 100ml of water. Heat for 5mins until the sugar dissolves.
Stir in the vinegar and golden syrup.  ( You can add a touch of red food colouring if you like.)
Boil to 140C - take off  the heat
Swirl the apples in the toffee, let the excess drip off and place on baking paper to set.



Sally said...

Hi Caroline, love the look of the toffee apples and the cakes look yum!! Just been looking at what I have missed on your blog over the last few days, i love the take away box, what a great idea.
Hope you have a lovely weekend. I love visiting your blog.
Hugs Sally xxx

Lindsey said...

Forget the recipe, I want your address. I'm on my way!!!!

Cecelia said...

Mmmmm...both of these look super yummy! Love the spiderweb look on your cupcakes.

Have a great weekend;0)

Cecelia B

Faye said...

Oh you naughty girl, you made my mouth water again! Scrummy and I think Suzie is sooooooo cute!

Julie said...

Hi Caroline, toffee apples I can take or leave, though yours look great, but the cakes look scrummy. Beautifully done as always.

Juls said...

yummmmmmmmmmmmmm these look just fab!!! Hugs Juls